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Searching for a home or a property for your family is a personal journey. We entirely understand the importance of our customer’s data and are committed to being transparent about how we utilize your data to provide you with the best compatible deal for your future. 


Information that we collect

To provide you with better deals and to better understand the customer needs we use your basic information such as name, gender,  personal mobile number, postal address and email. You must ensure that all the information given to the website should be true and not be deceitful to the organization. The customer should be responsible to update its information in case any changes occur. We undertake to not distribute or share your personal information in any case with any unauthorized third party. We do not provide any assurance if you share your data causing any harm to you. Our customers should be at least 18 years old or under the supervision of an adult. You should not at any event use the website for any foul use or do harm to any person from the information illegally withdrawn from the website.  


Website Cookies

Our customers can visit our web site without accepting the cookies and surf the website content to gather information, but we recommend our users to accept the cookies as they contribute to the collection of useful data we need to fulfill your required needs. Our cookies settings are totally harmless for our customers and their end machines.

Security Measures

Our organization has taken appropriate security measures to avoid unauthorized and unlawful access to our site. Our website is fully secured and provides secure data encryption for our customers. We maintain physical and digital safeguard measures and security procedures in regard to the collection and storage of our client’s information.

Your Right

Al-Makkah Real Estate & Builders, have great concern over our client’s personal right to privacy of information. If you are a concerned customer, you have the absolute right to add, edit and delete your personal information free of charge at any time from our database.